ERS’s Factory Automation (FA) consulting business and equipment configuration, maintenance business

ERS totally engineers from an assembly process to an inspection and packaging process in a production line, and installation, starting up and maintenance of equipment so that we can quickly support the customer’s production planning.  We will provide more efficient equipment for automatizing with our advanced FA mechatronics technology.

ERS’s FA will support the rationalization and the productivity

By using ERS’s FA to automatize manufacturing processes in a factory, the operations of the workers will be reduced and the factory’s productivity will be improved.  The conditions of robotizing factories vary from customer to customer.  It all depends on the scale, the space, the budget and others.  We analyze customers’ needs from various angles, and think flexibly, and build the suitable systems.


P3logo_sERS set up ROBO P3 SOLUTION business for FA with articulated robots to support totally our customers all the things about FA such as line configuration, production control, maintenance and others.