SCC-150S End-face cutting / grinding machine

◆Features  It is a machine that detects, compensates and processes the crystal angle of sapphire ingot’s end faces.

  •   It consists of a cutting unit (O. D. blade ), a ginding unit ( cup-type grinding unit ), and an X-Ray unit.  Consequently, it attempts to automatize the process.
  •   Furthermore, it can detect A-axes and C-axes of ingots automatically.  As a result of that, the processing time will be shortened.

Please contact us for the details of this machine.

Specifications of applicable work pieces
Work piece Cylindrical Sapphire Crystal
Outer diameter φ54 mm – φ210 mm
Length 60 mm – 250 mm
*We change chucks to suit to sizes of work pieces

*The specification of applicable work piece can be arranged.  Please ask us for that.

Specifications of configuration units
Scroll chuck with table Travel of X-axis 2120mm Rotation range of D-axis 190°
Rotation range of A-axis ± 3° Rotation range of E-axis 360°
Wheel spindle Travel of Y1-axis 160mm Blade axis Travel of Y2-axis 160mm
Travel of Z1-axis 420mm Travel of Z2-axis 420mm
XRD-table Travel of Y3-axis 570mm
Power Electric current 30 kVA
Voltage 200 three-phase
Frequency 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Air supply Pressure 0.5 Mpa
Flow 150 L/min
City water and Industrial water For filling up and replacing the grinding fluid
Size W 4500mm x D 2500mm x H 2210mm (Reference value)
Total weight 14000kg (Reference value)

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